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Special Services


Signature Massage (60 mins.) $60
A relaxing Swedish massage of long strokes and kneading of superficial muscles.
Hot Stone Therapy (60 mins.) $125
A highly therapeutic form of hot stone massage melts tension away. Experience the heat penetrating into the muscles and achieve a state of deep relaxation.
Deep Tissue Massage (60 mins.) $75
This deeply penetrating massage is aimed at releasing tension, which will increase flexibility and relief from pain and muscle fatigue..
Mother-To-Be Massage (60 mins.) $60
Our therapists will nurture the mother while giving special consideration to the baby.
Massage for Two (60 mins.) $150
While you enjoy the benefits of one of our most relaxing massages, a special guest of your choice can receive one too! (one week advanced notice required)
Aromatherapy Massage (60 mins.) $75
Customize your massage with Yon-Ka massaging 5 essential oils to relax, deoxify, and energize your complete body.
Body Wraps (75 mins.) $85
Stimulates circulatory and lympthatic systems by draining, detoxifying and re-mineralizing. Improves elasticity and promotes a sense of well-being and equilibrium.


Lesson & Application $45
Basic Application $30
Bridal Make-Up $45 & up

Beauty Enhancement

Eyebrows $200
Eyeliner Upper $175
Eyeliner Lower $125
Eyeliner Both $250
Lip Liner $300
Full Lip $400
Eyelash Extensions $150


Brow Design $15
Upper Lip $10
Full Face $45 & up
Brazilian Bikini $50 & up
Additional area available  

Nail Spa

Spa Manicure $25
Basic Manicure $15
Spa Pedicure $35
Basic Pedicure $25
Gel Nail Set $35
Gel Nails Fill $25
Silk Set $35
Silk Fill $25
Acrylic Set $30
Acrylic Fill $20
Custom Nail Design Consult